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  • Strike Team® Phoenix Hose Pack

    The Strike Team® Phoenix Hose Pack has large  pockets on each side for hose clamps and fittings. DIMENSIONS: 22" x 18" x 4" CAPACITY: Up to three 100 ft. lengths of 1”...
  • Strike Team® Cascade Hose Pack

    The Strike Team® Cascade Hose Pack is Cascade’s original hose pack and is still the most popular. A simple, functional design with a flap secured by quick release buckles. DIMENSIONS: 22"...
  • Strike Team® The Fed Hose Pack

    The Strike Team® Fed Hose Pack was specifically designed to easily deploy wildland hose from the bottom of the pack. DIMENSIONS: 15" x 15" x 6" CAPACITY: 100 ft. length of 1” hose and 100 ft....
  • Strike Team® Medford Hose Pack

    The Strike Team® Medford Hose Pack incorporates the front opening of the Applegate and the large side pockets of the Phoenix for a highly functional option for packing hose. DIMENSIONS: 24.5"...
  • Strike Team® Riverside Hose Pack

    The Strike Team® Riverside Hose Pack has a flap secured by hook and loop and extra wide shoulder straps. DIMENSIONS:  24.5” x 19” x 6” CAPACITY: Up to three 100 ft....
  • Strike Team® Fireline Hose Pack

    The Strike Team® Fireline Hose Pack is designed to easily load and deploy progressive hose lays along the flanks of a wildland fire. Each length is secured individually using 1” color...
  • Strike Team® Hi-Rise Hose Pack

    The Strike Team® Hi-Rise Hose Pack is used as a high rise pack or a quick and easy way to do an extended line operation.  CAPACITY: Holds up to 200 feet...
  • Strike Team® Applegate Hose Pack

    The Strike Team® Applegate Hose Pack has a full front opening under the flap secured by heavy duty 2” hook and loop. DIMENSIONS: 22" x 18" x 4" CAPACITY: Up to...
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