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Slip-on Firefighting Units

Cascade Fire Equipment builds custom Slip-Ons in a class of their own, delivering units that are dependable, versatile and durable. From conception to completion, each unit is built on-site to customer’s specifications and design requirements.

We manufacture our own tanks, pumps, control panels, boxes, valves, fuel tanks, stainless steel plumbing and aluminum frames, which gives us the flexibility to tailor our Slip-On Units to fit any truck – from standard pickup beds with utility boxes to flatbeds with customized boxes built around the Unit. Upon completion, each Slip-On Firefighting Unit is thoroughly inspected and tested to make sure the unit you receive delivers the highest performance possible for today’s demanding firefighting.

With a Cascade Fire Equipment Slip-On, your pickup or flat-bed vehicle becomes a fast initial-attack firefighting unit. Because of their flexibility, capacity and convenience, these highly mobile units can easily mean the difference between a quick knockdown and a major fire. Cascade’s Slip-On Units are used by forestry departments, city fire departments, and private contractors, and are in use in most states and several foreign countries.

Please call us for a quote today: 800-654-7049. We will custom-design and build a Slip-On Firefighting Unit to meet your unique requirements.

End Mount Slip-ons

END MOUNT SLIP-ON UNITS generally have a lower center of gravity than Top-Mount Units. The controls, pump, plumbing and sometimes reel are mounted on a platform at the rear of the water tank. End-Mounts are great for trucks with utility boxes or flatbeds. We can also build custom boxes to fit your Slip-On package. 

Top Mount Slip-ons

TOP MOUNT SLIP-ON UNITS incorporate all components on the top of the tank, taking up less space in the bed. Top-Mounts are ideal for standard pickup beds and low-profile utility boxes with the option of extending components to the edge of the boxes. The Control Panel can either be on the driver’s side or at the rear.

Light and ATV Slip-ons

COMPACT SLIP-ONS are just what your department needs to convert your lightweight patrol vehicles or ATV units into fast attack firefighting and rescue tools for roadless, wilderness, and recreation areas. The condensed top-mount design leaves plenty of payload space, and every unit is designed according to your specifications.


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