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  • Tool Holders

    Tool Holders are made from carbon steel, are spring tempered, and coated with black poly vinyl. These clips securely hold small tools neatly in place. Good for bolt cutters, screwdrivers,...
    $7.00 - $17.00
  • Axe & Hooligan Tool Brackets

    Set of 2 Pry Axe & Hooligan Tool Brackets.   ALSO AVAILABLE: Click Here to See: Hooligan & Axe Marrying Straps   Click Here to See: Deluxe Hooligan & Axe Sling...
  • Axe Handle Bracket

    Spring-loaded Axe Handle Bracket securely holds the axe handle. Designed for side wall mounting. Textured chrome finish.
  • Axe Blade Bracket

    Box-type Axe Blade Bracket completely covers the axe blade. Textured chrome finish.
  • Shovel Brackets

    Formed steel Shovel Brackets hold shovels securely on fire trucks or other vehicles. Mount on the side of trucks or on decks (flat mount).
    $25.00 - $30.00
  • Running Board Holders

    Running Board Holders are mounting plates fastened to the running board or in cabinets by bolts and will securely hold nozzles, tips, and fittings. Aluminum with nickel chrome-plated finish.  ...
    $23.00 - $120.00
  • Hand Rail Bracket

    Mounting Brackets for grab rail have a polished chrome finish. Fits a standard 1-¼" O.D. rail, 3" from the base to the center of the hand rail. Available for center...
    $25.00 - $27.00
  • Hand Rail

    Hand Rails are extruded polished aluminum with a rubber insert. The O.D. is 1-¼". PLEASE NOTE:Priced per foot; select length when ordering. Maximum length is 6 ft.
    $34.00 - $204.00
  • All Quick Fists (Carton)

    Assorted sizes of Quick Fist Mounts. Each carton includes: #13101 NOZZLE 3" QUICK FISTS(Qty: 4) Fits: Nozzles, small extinguishers from 2-¾” to 3-¼” diameter Safe Working Load: 50 lbs. #13102 LONG ARMQUICK...
  • Quick Fist

    The Quick Fist vehicle tool mounts to surfaces to secure hand tools like shovels, axes, pike poles, hose from 1" to 2-½" diameter. Safe working load is 25 lbs.   ALSO AVAILABLE: ...
  • Nozzle 3" Quick Fist

    The Nozzle 3" Quick Fist mount secures nozzles and small extinguishers from 2-¾" to 3-¼" diameter. Safe working load is 50 lbs.   ALSO AVAILABLE:  Click Here to See: All Quick Fists...
  • Super Quick Fist

    Super Quick Fist fits cylinders from 2-½" to 9-½" diameter. Safe working load is 50 lbs.   ALSO AVAILABLE:  Click Here to See: All Quick Fists (Carton)  
  • Long Arm Clamp

    The Long Arm Clamp Quick Fist works with items that coil, multiple tools, items with handles from ½" to 4-½" diameter. Safe working load is 50 lbs.   ALSO AVAILABLE:  Click...
  • Mini Quick Fist

    The Mini Quick Fist mount is designed to secure small tools and Halligan bars from 0.62" to 1.3" diameter. Safe working load is 25 lbs. ALSO AVAILABLE:  Click Here to See:...
  • Deluxe Hooligan & Axe Sling

    The Deluxe Hooligan & Axe Sling securely holds a flat head axe and hooligan tool. Made of tough, durable Cordura® and polypropylene webbing Padding over tool edges Strong velcro straps...
  • Hooligan & Axe Marrying Straps

    Dual straps designed to hold both an Axe and a Hooligan Tool. Made from tough polypropylene webbing. ALSO AVAILABLE:  Click Here to See: Axe & Hooligan Tool Brackets Click Here...
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