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  • Strike Team® Face & Neck Shrouds

    Strike Team® Face & Neck Shrouds are designed to protect Wildland Firefighters from radiant heat without compromising work performance or comfort. For maximum protection, firefighters should adjust the shroud to a...
    $30.00 - $66.00
  • Hot Shield Face Mask

    The Hot Shield Face Mask is a multiple layer face protector mask designed by firefighters for use in all wildland or outdoor firefighting operations. Provides unequaled, extreme protection against burns...
    $8.00 - $89.00
  • Bullard Wildfire® Helmets

    Bullard Wildfire® Helmets are specifically engineered to meet the special needs of wildland/forestry firefighters. Manufactured from heat-resistant thermoplastic for superior impact and penetration protection, Wildfire helmets meet and exceed the...
    $69.00 - $73.00
  • Wildfire® Helmet Parts

    Replacement Parts for Bullard Wildfire® Helmets include: Rectangle Style Replacement Ratchet Suspension - #50021 Replacement Elastic Chin Strap - #50018 Nylon Chin Strap with Postman Buckle - #50020  
    $23.00 - $32.00
  • Foxfury Command & Tilt Wildland LED Headlamp

      See wider and better with the FoxFury Command & Tilt Wildland LED Headlamp. This rugged headlamp/helmet-light provides hands-free illumination in all-weather conditions and delivers up to 100 lumens of panoramic lighting....
  • Bollé Backdraft Wildland Goggles

    Backdraft is the new high technology wildland firefighting goggle that is low profile, high performance, and comfortable. Fully sealed and able to withstand the most extreme conditions, Backdraft provides safety...
  • ESS Firepro-FS Goggles

    Firepro-FS Goggles by ESS are optimized for wildland firefighting with a low-profile, compact frame designed for maximum peripheral vision and minimal interference with helmets. FEATURES OF ESS FIREPRO-FS GOGGLES Extra thick...
  • ESS Striketeam XTO Goggles

    All ESS Striketeam™ Goggle components are heat and flame resistant, including the durable face padding and vent foam. Thick polycarbonate 2.4 mm interchangeable lenses provide maximum impact protection and optical clarity...
  • ESS Striketeam XTO Goggles Tear-Off Lenses

    Tear-Off Lens Covers for ESS Striketeam™ XTO Goggles are thin, optically-clear films that stack on the outside of the goggle lens. Tear-Offs can be quickly removed, one at a time, to...
  • Paulson A-Tac Goggles

      The Paulson A-Tac is a protective goggle designed to specifically address the needs of the Wildland firefighter. The Paulson A-Tac passes a 350° heat exposure test, and the optically correct...
  • Wildcat™ Goggles

      Wildcat™ Goggles provide extreme heat resistance and performance vision protection. Goggle does not melt, drip, or ignite at 350° F for 5 minutes. Lightweight and comfortable, Wildcat™ Goggles fit naturally...
    $16.00 - $25.00
  • North Star Wildland Gloves

    North Star Wildland Gloves are made from side split cowhide and have an extra long flame retardant Nomex® knit wristlet. The wristlet is overcast to prevent unraveling and it returns...
    $30.00 - $33.00
  • Wildland Fire Gloves

    Wildland Fire Gloves are made from flame, heat, cut, and puncture resistant cowhide suede leather with black leather palm on wear surface and glove back in gold leather. Includes 4”...
  • Hoseman Leather Glove Holder

    Hoseman Leather Glove Holders are handcrafted from 8-10 oz. American bridle leather, featuring black saddlery grade hardware and stitching. These are built to hold a variety of gloves, including: wildland,...
  • Haix® Missoula 2.1 Men's Boots

    HAIX® FIREFIGHTER BOOTS are like no other in the world! One of the most important investments a firefighter can make is in his boots, because pain and discomfort in your feet...
  • Haix® Missoula 2.1 Women's Boots

    HAIX® FIREFIGHTER BOOTS are like no other in the world! One of the most important investments a firefighter can make is in his boots, because pain and discomfort in your feet...
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