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  • 1½” Hose Line Tee

    The Hose Line Tee allows 1” hose lines to be taken from 1½” lines at various intervals. The 1” outlet is also threaded internally with a ½” female NPT which...
  • Hose Line Tee Valve Hose Line Tee Valve

    Hose Line Tee Valve

    Designed to be placed in a 1½” hose line at various intervals. The 1” branch can provide water to a hose line, fill back pumps or canteens. 1½” male and...
  • Pressure Relief Valve Pressure Relief Valve

    Pressure Relief Valve

    Relief Valves are used to automatically bypass discharge from pump when nozzle is shut off or pressure becomes excessive. When pressure is relieved or nozzle opened, the valve automatically closes,...
  • Check & Bleeder Valve Check & Bleeder Valve

    Check & Bleeder Valve

    The Check and Bleeder Valve is a valuable tool when using portable pumps that are pumping to higher elevations. The valve is attached to the discharge of the pump. When...
  • Cascade Fireline Sprinkler

    Use the Cascade Fireline Sprinkler to set up a fast and efficient water line, keeping the fire where you want it. A heavy duty ground spike with foot bar secures...
  • Lightweight Gated Wyes Lightweight Gated Wyes

    Lightweight Gated Wyes

    Divide one hose line into two with independent control for each line. Lightweight gated wyes are constructed from anodized aluminum. Body is epoxy-coated red for an extremely tough finish. Quarter-turn...
  • Plain Wye

    Lightweight, compact plain wye constructed from tough aircraft aluminum with a protective anodized coating. SIZE: 5” x 4¾” WEIGHT: 14 oz. One 1½” Female swivel and two 1½” Male threads...
  • No Snag Wyes No Snag Wyes

    No Snag Wyes

    No Snag Wyes are lightweight wye valves with snag free handles. Constructed from high quality aluminum with anodized hose threads, stainless steel drive spindle, and stainless steel components. Operate at...
  • Forestry Wye Forestry Wye

    Forestry Wye

    Lightweight wye valve constructed from high quality aluminum with anodized hose threads, stainless steel drive spindle, and stainless steel components. Operate at pressures up to 600 PSI Meets USFS specification...
  • Gate Valve Gate Valve

    Gate Valve

    Cascade’s lightweight Gate Valve is an excellent shutoff to control water hammer with less than 11 turns required to open or close. Made from high strength, heat-treated, hardanodized aluminum. Inlet...
  • Gizmo Shutoff Gizmo Shutoff

    Gizmo Shutoff

    The Gizmo can be used to restrict water flows when hose lines are laid downhill and can be used as a shutoff in hose lines, behind foam or other nozzles...
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