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  • Fire Axes

    Nupla® ‘E’ Series Axes utilize the latest technology in fiberglass handles for perfect balance, comfort, safety, and strength. Pultruded fiberglass core with molded exterior jacket of polymer Bright yellow handles...
    From $88.00
  • Flat Head Axe

    The finest axe steel, heat treated and normalized, make this Flat Head Axe ideal for cutting or driving. Precision balanced Available with either No. 1 clear finished hickory or fiberglass...
    From $75.00
  • Pick Head Axe

    The finest axe steel, heat treated and normalized, make this Pick Head Axe withstand the most rugged service. Precision balanced 6 lb. axe is available with either No. 1 clear finished hickory...
    From $52.00
  • Sledge Hammers

    Tough and durable double flat face withstands overstrikes better than wood handles. Nupla® fiberglass, 32” handle Molded safety grip easy to handle with dirty or sweaty hands
    From $56.00
  • Power Drive Hammers

    Pliable cushion grips reduce effort, strain, vibration, and noise. Nupla®'s Power Drive Hammer won’t mar struck surface. Shot-loaded rubber compound head Fiberglass handle Nuplaflex® head covering material will not mushroom...
    From $32.50
  • Halligan Style Tool

    The Halligan has three main components: the adze, pike, and fork. A flat head axe can be used to drive the Halligan. The combination of the two tools results in...
  • General Purpose Cutters

    H.K. Porter® popular cutters have all-purpose jaws with center-cut blades able to handle soft, medium and hard metals. Toggle joints turn 50 lbs. hand pressure to 4000 lbs. cutting pressure....
    From $170.00
  • Chain Cutters

    Extremely strong, durable tool for hard, non-alloy chain ½” capacity. Maximum hardness of material to be cut: Brinell 455/ Rockwell C48 Toggle joints turn 50 lbs. hand pressure to 4000...
    From $300.00
  • K-Tool Kit

    The K-TOOL allows you to force an aluminum and glass door in about 30 seconds without damage to the door or glass, and be able to relock the door after...
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