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  • Footvalves & Strainers

    Cascade Fire Equipment manufactures Foot Valves and Strainers in 1½”, 2”, 2½”, and 3” threads. A full flow clapper valve assures maximum flows with no restriction. Adhered to the end...
    From $150.00
  • TYPE II SPEC 187 Forestry Hose

    Designed to withstand the rigors of wildland fire fighting situations. Polyurethane (TPU) Lining/Polyester Single Jacket MEETS US FOREST SERVICE SPEC 5100-187 APPLICATIONS: Forestry, Wildland, and CAFS Poly-CordTM ring-spun polyester warp...
    From $120.00
  • Ejectors

    Cascade's High Performance Ejectors are valuable tools for obtaining additional water supplies from sources that would normally be difficult or impossible to reach. The Ejector will pick up more than twice as...
    From $215.00
  • Rhino Tool

    Cascade’s Rhino Tool is a must on the fire line. A sharpened curved blade makes for easier digging and brush removal. Curved, sharpened blade Blade is a forged solid shank...
    From $22.00
  • Twin Tip Nozzle

    The Twin Tip Nozzle has a fog spray position, a straight stream position, and an off position. Made from high-quality cast aluminum with stainless steel internal parts.Comes standard with a...
  • Drip Torch

    A Drip Torch is an effective tool for wildfire suppression, controlled burning, and other forestry applications to intentionally ignite fires. Our versatile Drip Torch is used for firing semidry fuels...
  • Rogue Hoe & Rogue Pick Hoe

    Requested by an Oregon Hot Shot crew and manufactured in the heart of the USA, Rogue tools are made using the hardened steel of recycled agricultural disc blades. The Pick...
  • Forestry Shovel

    The strong, durable Forestry Shovel is a great tool for removing debris from forest fires. Blade is sharpened on both sides and the angle of the handle allows for maximum...
    From $22.00
  • McCleod Tool

    The McLeod has a large hoe-like blade on one side and a tined blade on the other. The hose blade is effective in cutting through heavy grasses, deep litter and...
    From $22.00
  • Pulaski Tool

    The Pulaski Tool combines an axe bit with an adze-shaped grub hoe on a 36” wood handle. The pulaski is a versatile tool for constructing firebreaks, as it can be...
    From $25.00
  • Lightweight Gated Wyes

    Divide one hose line into two with independent control for each line. Lightweight gated wyes are constructed from anodized aluminum. Body is epoxy-coated red for an extremely tough finish. Quarter-turn...
    From $292.00
  • Outback 600HD Forestry Hose

    Designed to withstand the rigors of the “Outback”, as well as other wildland fire fighting situations. EPDM Rubber Lining/Polyester Jacket CERTIFIED NFPA 1961 APPLICATIONS: Forestry, Wildland, and CAFS Poly-Cord™ ring...
    From $134.00
  • Ball Shutoffs

     Lightweight Ball Shutoffs with large handle provide long life and trouble-free performance and are ideal for nozzles, such as the Ranger, or for hose packs. Made from anodized aluminum with...
    From $140.00
  • Ranger Plus Nozzles

    Lightweight Ranger Plus Nozzles are engineered to provide an excellent fog pattern and straight stream. Molded teeth makes the fog pattern very dense without a hollow center. Hard anodized with...
    From $130.00
  • Single Gallonage Ranger Nozzles

    Single Gallonage Ranger Nozzles are engineered to provide an excellent fog pattern and straight stream. The heavy neoprene bumper provides good protection from physical damage. Molded teeth makes the fog pattern...
    From $120.00
  • Straight Stream Tips

    Straight Stream Plain Tips give the furthest possible reach without feathering. Made from hard anodized 6061-T6 aluminum 1” size is 4” long, weighs 6 oz. 1½” is 4¾” long, weighs...
    From $69.00
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