Slip-on Features & Options

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STANDARD SLIP-ON EQUIPMENT on every full-size Slip-On firefighting unit includes a polypropylene tank, 18 HP centrifugal pump, electric rewind hose reel, stainless steel control panel, full flow all stainless steel plumbing, diamond plate surface, and additional standards listed below.

Slip-on tanks
hannay hose reel
18hp pump
control panel

POLYPROPYLENE TANK includes vent, manual fill tower, and vertical translucent sight gauge.

HANNAY HOSE REEL is a painted steel booster reel with electric rewind. Comes with 200 ft. of hose and fog/straight stream shut-off nozzle.

CF-120 18HP PUMP & ENGINE pumps up to 120 GPM and 300 PSI and meets wildland firefighting volumes and pressures.

CONTROL PANEL includes panel light, hour meter, primer, auto shut-off, engine starter switch, pressure gauge, choke and throttle.


  • 2” square aluminum tubular frame fully supports tank and platform
  • Surface covered with .125 aluminum diamond plate. All edges are turned, welded and finished
  • Fire service grade slip-out style valves bolted to stainless steel flange
  • Recirculation line for the pump, with a ball valve to reduce the danger of overheating
  • Overboard suction port and auxiliary valved discharge with chrome cap and chain
  • Removable foot valves and anti-cavitation suction strainer in tank (on Top Mounts)
  • Full-Flo stainless steel plumbing: 304 seamless stainless steel–welded, sanded, shot-blasted to a smooth finish
  • High pressure hose with reusable expansion ring couplings
  • Components secured to tank and platform with stainless steel bolts
  • Non-slit corrugated loom covering all water and foam auxiliary lines
  • Winterization system, complete installation kit and instruction manual
  • Camozzi fittings and all stainless steel fasteners and brackets
  • ¾” polypropylene pumper board
  • Electric primer
  • Distinct labels on all valves


Some of the most popular options are shown here. Many more options exist for your complete customization. On some of the smaller units space may not allow for installation of all options

diesel pump and engine
Aluminum Hose Reel
Foam Flo
Liquid level meters

PUMPS: CF-130 pump powered by a 23HP Briggs & Stratton engine or diesel fueled 26HP pump powered by a Kubota engine.

HOSE REEL OPTIONS: Options for Aluminum reels, motor HP, and chrome hose roller guides installed in one or both sides in high or low configuration.

FOAM PROPORTIONING: FOAM-FLO and FOAMPRO 1601 systems proportion Class A foam.

LIQUID LEVEL GAUGES: Get water and foam levels at a glance with liquid level gauges.

Hose Tray
hydrant fill
Cascade Monitor
remote monitor

LIVE HOSE TRAY: Constructed from heavy aluminum diamond plate, with a rotary joint and full-flow ball valve. Holds 200 ft. of 1.5" hose.

HYDRANT FILL: 1.5" or 2.5" fire service drop-out valve for quick refill from hydrant or water tender.

CASCADE'S MONITOR: Ideal for discharging water or Class A foam in wildland firefighting requiring discharges of 350 GPM or less.

REMOTE ELECTRIC MONITOR: Your choice of an Akron, TFT, or Elkhart Monitor

bumper discharge
in-cab controls
spare tire bracket
custom boxes

FRONT BUMPER: Front bumper customization include discharge and monitor options.

IN CAB CONTOL PANEL: Control engine, monitor, and foam system from inside truck cab.

SPARE TIRE BRACKET: Increase the amount of available space in your truck bed and make it easy to access your spare.

CUSTOM TOOL BOXES: Expand your gear capacity with a custom configuration of tool boxes, equipment drawers, hose trays, equipment baskets, and suction hose storage.

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