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  • Forestry Spanners

    Forestry Spanners are used on rocker lug fittings. FEATURES OF FORESTRY SPANNERS Made of cast aluminum #11201 fits 1” and 1-½” couplings #11202 Combination Spanner fits 1” - 2-½” rocker...
    $13.00 - $19.00
  • Hydrant Spanner Wrench - 1-¼”

    Hydrant Spanner Wrench can be used on both rocker (up to 5”) and pin lugs. Size under 9” and fits into most turnout jacket pockets. FEATURES OF 1-¼” HYDRANT SPANNER WRENCHES Made of...
  • Hydrant Spanner Wrench - 1-3/16”

    Hydrant Spanner Wrenches can be used on both rocker (up to 5”) and pin lugs. Fit into most turnout jacket pockets. FEATURES OF 1-3/16” HYDRANT SPANNER WRENCHES Made of lightweight aluminum...
  • Booster Hose Spanner

    Booster Hose Spanners are designed for ¾” and 1” pin hole type couplings. FEATURES OF BOOSTER HOSE SPANNERS Made of lightweight Al-Mag 35 Alloy Length: 7-½” Weight: 3 oz.
  • Folding Spanner

    The Folding Spanner has a spanner head at one end and a window jimmy at the other. FEATURES OF FOLDING SPANNERS Available in cast brass or lightweight aluminum Weight: 1 lb....
    $50.00 - $66.00
  • Universal Spanner

    The Universal Spanner is for any style or size coupling from 1-¼” to 4”. FEATURES OF UNIVERSAL SPANNERS Made of tough lightweight aluminum Includes window jimmy, gas cock slot, hammer...
  • Hydrant Wrench

    Cascade's Hydrant Wrench is firefighter indestructible! Used to open or close a hydrant by rotating the valve stem, and to remove the caps from the hydrant outlets. FEATURES OF CASCADE...
  • Spanner Wrench Holder

    Spanner Wrench Holders mount on apparatus for easy accessibility. Available with or without spanners. FEATURES OF SPANNER WRENCH HOLDERS Quick, snap action release Holds two #10320 Universal Spanners Weight: 2 lbs. (with...
    $79.00 - $149.00
  • Hydrant Wrench & Spanner Holder

    Hydrant Wrench & Spanner Holder mounts on apparatus for easy accessibility. Available with or without wrenches. FEATURES OF HYDRANT WRENCH & SPANNER HOLDERS Quick, snap action release Holds two #10320 Universal...
    $90.00 - $215.00
  • Storz Spanner Wrench Holder

    Storz Spanner Wrenches easily disconnect and connect Storz couplings. FEATURES OF STORZ SPANNER WRENCHES Lightweight material Bracket set comes complete with four stamped steel Storz wrenches Individual wrenches and the...
    $35.00 - $205.00
  • Res-Q-Rench

    The Res-Q-Rench works with rocker lug handline, supply line, and 4” and 5” Storz locking couplings. FEATURES OF RES-Q-RENCHES Pries open windows Props open doors Integrated carbide tip window punch...
  • Hydrant Tool Bag

    Cascade’s Hydrant Tool Bag holds all the necessary equipment for hooking up hose to hydrants. FEATURES OF HYDRANT TOOL BAG Made of tough Cordura® Large polypropylene handle for ease of...
  • Hydrant Hose Tool Bag

    Easily access your equipment for hooking up hose to hydrant with Cascade’s Hydrant Hose Tool Bag. Sewn to Cascade’s highest quality standards, this tool bag is guaranteed to withstand the...
  • Forestry Hose Clamp

    Cascade's lightweight Hose Clamps easily shut off 1” or 1-½” single jacketed fire hose at pressures up to 200 PSI. A spanner is an integral part of the clamp. FEATURES...
  • Forestry Hose Clamp Holder

    Cascade's Forestry Hose Clamp Holder is made exclusively for the Forestry Hose Clamp (#11213). Easily attaches to your equipment belt or web gear with heavy duty snaps. FEATURES OF CASCADE FORESTRY...
  • Hebert Hose Clamp

    Only 2.5" on sale. The Hebert Hose Clamp has long been the standard of the Fire Service. These are great time and labor savers when it is necessary to shut...
    $325.00 - $495.00
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