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  • Hose Thread Reducers Hose Thread Reducers

    Hose Thread Reducers

    Hose Adapters connect hoses of incompatible diameter, thread, or gender. Our adapters are manufactured from 6061-T6 aluminum and are “Hardcoat Anodized”, a very specific type of anodize that gives aluminum...
  • PVC Suction Hose - Coupled

    PVC Suction Hose is ideal when weight is a consideration. Lighter and less expensive than conventional suction hose Flexible, easy to handle yet capable of withstanding full vacuum PVC tube is...
  • Hose Swivel Gaskets

    There are two types of Gaskets; Swivel Gaskets, which are placed in the female end of a hose coupling and Tail Gaskets that are used at the base of the...
  • Forestry Hose Clamp

    Forestry Hose Clamp

    Lightweight Hose Clamp easily shut off 1” or 1½” single jacketed fire hose at pressures up to 200 PSI. A spanner is an integral part of the clamp. Made from...
  • Cascade Hose Roller Cascade Hose Roller

    Cascade Hose Roller

    Easily roll hose into neat and compact rolls! Cascade’s Hose Roller was designed after the popular Western Fire Hose Roller. It is a sturdy, yet lightweight Hose Roller that has been...
  • TYPE II SPEC 187 Forestry Hose TYPE II SPEC 187 Forestry Hose

    TYPE II SPEC 187 Forestry Hose

    *Pricing is for 50' length, Call for pricing or to place an order for custom length: 800-654-7049 Designed to withstand the rigors of wildland fire fighting situations. Polyurethane (TPU) Lining/Polyester...
  • Outback 600HD Forestry Hose Outback 600HD Forestry Hose

    Outback 600HD Forestry Hose

    *Pricing is for 50' length, Call for pricing or to place an order for custom length: 800-654-7049 Designed to withstand the rigors of the “Outback”, as well as other wildland...
  • Forestry Spanners Forestry Spanners

    Forestry Spanners

    Forestry Spanners are used on rocker lug fittings. Made of cast aluminum #11201 fits 1” and 1½” couplings #11202 Combination Spanner fits 1” - 2½” rocker lug couplings WEIGHT: 2.5...
  • Booster Hose Spanner

    Booster Hose Spanner designed for ¾” and 1” pin hole type couplings. Made of lightweight Al-Mag 35 Alloy LENGTH: 7½” WEIGHT: 3 oz.
  • Universal Spanner

    Universal Spanner

    Universal Spanner is for any style or size coupling from 1¼” to 4”. Made of tough lightweight aluminum Includes window jimmy, gas cock slot, hammer head and hanger loop LENGTH:...
  • Hydrant Wrench Hydrant Wrench

    Hydrant Wrench

    Cascade's Hydrant Wrench is firefighter indestructible! Used to open or close a hydrant by rotating the valve stem, and to remove the caps from the hydrant outlets. Tough manganese bronze...
  • Booster Hose - Light Booster Hose - Light

    Booster Hose - Light

    *Call for pricing or to place an order for custom length: 800-654-7049 Lightweight and compact Booster Hose. The 100% polyester woven jacket construction has a fine weave that resists abrasion...
  • Rubber Hose Bands Rubber Hose Bands

    Rubber Hose Bands

    Easily secure rolls of hose with these big Rubber Bands! Easily applied and quickly removed Hose Bands reduce time and labor involved with handling and storing hose. Under normal usage...
  • Expansion Rings

    Expansion Rings are made from 85/15 red brass for maximum expansion without breaking. Rounded edges reduce damage to hose. OUTSIDE DIAMETER LENGTH THICKNESS 1" 7⁄8" .050 1" 1" .050 1"...
  • Hose Outlet Caps

    Hose Outlet Caps protect male hose threads from damage. Equipped with rocker lugs Manufactured from either 6016-T6 lightweight aluminum with hard anodized finish or chrome-plated brass
  • Hose Line Tee Valve Hose Line Tee Valve

    Hose Line Tee Valve

    Designed to be placed in a 1½” hose line at various intervals. The 1” branch can provide water to a hose line, fill back pumps or canteens. 1½” male and...
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