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  • Hose Thread Reducers

    Hose Adapters connect hoses of incompatible diameter, thread, or gender. Our adapters are manufactured from 6061-T6 aluminum and are “Hardcoat Anodized”, a very specific type of anodize that gives aluminum...
    From $34.00
  • Cascade Hose Roller

    Easily roll hose into neat and compact rolls! Cascade’s Hose Roller was designed after the popular Western Fire Hose Roller. It is a sturdy, yet lightweight Hose Roller that has been...
    From $70.00
  • TYPE II SPEC 187 Forestry Hose

    Designed to withstand the rigors of wildland fire fighting situations. Polyurethane (TPU) Lining/Polyester Single Jacket MEETS US FOREST SERVICE SPEC 5100-187 APPLICATIONS: Forestry, Wildland, and CAFS Poly-CordTM ring-spun polyester warp...
    From $120.00
  • Hose Vacuum

    Get the air out of your hose with Cascade’s Hose Vacuum, a small pneumatic device that removes residual air from the inside of a fire hose, making it flatter and...
  • Hose Line Tee Valve

    Designed to be placed in a 1½” hose line at various intervals. The 1” branch can provide water to a hose line, fill back pumps or canteens. 1½” male and...
  • Booster Hose - Light

    Lightweight and compact Booster Hose. The 100% polyester woven jacket construction has a fine weave that resists abrasion and snagging and is designed for ease of handling. Extremely strong and...
    From $300.00
  • PVC Suction Hose - Coupled

    PVC Suction Hose is ideal when weight is a consideration. Lighter and less expensive than conventional suction hose Flexible, easy to handle yet capable of withstanding full vacuum PVC tube is...
    From $60.00
  • Forestry Spanners

    Forestry Spanners are used on rocker lug fittings. Made of cast aluminum #11201 fits 1” and 1½” couplings #11202 Combination Spanner fits 1” - 2½” rocker lug couplings WEIGHT: 2.5...
    From $8.80
  • Storz Spanner Wrench Holder

    Storz Spanner Wrenches easily disconnects and connects Storz couplings. Lightweight material Bracket set comes complete with four stamped steel Storz wrenches Individual wrenches and the bracket alone may be purchased separately...
    From $30.00
  • Hydrant Wrench & Spanner Holder

    Hydrant Wrench & Spanner Holder mounts on apparatus for easy accessibility. Available with or without wrenches. Quick, snap action release  Holds two 10320 Universal Spanners and one 10313 Hydrant Wrench WEIGHT:...
    From $90.00
  • iZone Hose Hooks

    iZone Hooks allow you to quickly store hose before moving to a new location. Made from aluminum and stainless steel. A pin allows hook to be locked in position when...
  • Dura-Flow 800 Municipal Hose

    EPDM Rubber Lining/Nylon 6-6 Double Jacket CERTIFIED NFPA 1961 APPLICATIONS: Attack, CAFS, High Rise, Potable Water Exclusive DURA-CORD® advanced, air-textured Nylon 6-6 continuous filament warp yarns, resulting in superior toughness,...
    From $179.00
  • Hydrant Spanner Wrench - 1 3/16”

    Hydrant Spanner Wrench can be used on both rocker (up to 5”) and pin lugs. Size under 9” and fits into most turnout jacket pockets. Made of lightweight aluminum Can be ...
  • Hydrant Hose Tool Bag

    Easily access your equipment for hooking up hose to hydrant with Cascade’s Hydrant Hose Tool Bag. Sewn to Cascade’s highest quality standards, this tool bag is guaranteed to withstand the...
  • Forestry Hose Clamp

    Lightweight Hose Clamp easily shut off 1” or 1½” single jacketed fire hose at pressures up to 200 PSI. A spanner is an integral part of the clamp. Made from...
  • Res-Q-Rench

    The Res-Q-Rench works with rocker lug handline, supply line, and 4” and 5” Storz locking couplings. Pries open windows Props open doors Integrated carbide tip window punch Integrated residential gas...
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