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  • Expansion Ring Couplings

    Heavy duty Expansion Ring Couplings are designed for municipal and industrial fire hose. FEATURES OF EXPANSION RING COUPLINGS  Lightweight extruded aluminum with a hard anodized finish Three rocker lugs on the body...
    $60.00 - $221.00
  • Dura-Flow 800™ Municipal Hose

    North American Dura-Flow 800™ Municipal Hose was created to provide superior durability as well as delivering exceptional flow characteristics. With less weight and reduced coil diameters, Dura-Flow 800™ folds more...
    $255.00 - $549.00
  • Dura-Built 800™ Municipal Hose

    North American Dura-Built 800™ Municipal Hose is built for durability. It is an extremely strong and flexible hose with exceptional heat, abrasion, chemical and kink resistance. MATERIAL: EPDM Rubber Lining/Nylon 6-6 Double...
    $255.00 - $520.00
  • Poly-Tuff 800™ Municipal Hose

    North American Poly-Tuff 800™ Municipal Hose is a very strong, flexible, and “Tuff” hose, with good heat and chemical resistance. MATERIAL: EPDM Rubber Lining/Polyester Jacket THREADS: NH BOTH HOSE AND COUPLINGS...
    $210.00 - $420.00
  • Hi-Tech 600™ LDH

    North American Hi-Tech 600™ is a medium duty rubber hose with good heat and chemical resistance. MATERIAL: Rubber Nitrile BOTH HOSE AND COUPLINGS ARE FULLY NFPA 1961 COMPLIANT  APPLICATIONS: Attack, High Rise, Forestry...
    $260.00 - $939.00
  • Polyester Soft Suction Hose

    North American Polyester Soft Suction Hose is used to transfer water from hydrant to pumper. MADE IN THE USA AND FULLY NFPA 1961 COMPLIANT FEATURES OF NORTH AMERICAN POLYESTER SOFT SUCTION...
    $6.00 - $18.00
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