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  • Super Pulaski Tool

    Cascade’s Super Pulaski has double the blade size of the original Pulaski. A versatile tool for constructing firebreaks, used to both dig soil and chop wood and is effective for digging...
    $20.00 - $150.00
  • Forestry Shovel

        This strong, durable Forestry Shovel is a great tool for removing debris from forest fires. Blade is sharpened on both sides and the angle of the handle allows...
    $20.00 - $79.00
  • Rhino Tool

    Cascade’s Rhino Tool is a must-have on the fire line. A sharpened curved blade makes for easier digging and brush removal. FEATURES OF RHINO TOOLS Curved, sharpened blade Blade is...
    $20.00 - $89.00
  • Hoe-Shovel

    Cascade’s Hoe-shovel is two tools in one, giving the user more versatility and less weight to carry. A wide shovel can be converted to a hoe with an adjustable pin....
    $12.00 - $128.00
  • Rogue Hoe & Rogue Pick Hoe

    Requested by an Oregon Hot Shot crew and manufactured in the heart of the USA, Rogue tools are made using the hardened steel of recycled agricultural disc blades. The Pick...
  • Adze Hoe

    The Adze Hoe blade is set at an “adze angle” and excels in areas where entangled fuels such as swamp maple, vine grape, and deep ground litter is encountered. FEATURES...
    $30.00 - $89.00
  • Combi Tool

    The Combi Tool is a versatile combination tool which can be used as a shovel/pick, a shovel only, or pick only to construct fire lines, help control burn operations, and...
    $35.00 - $105.00
  • Mower Blade Rake

    The Mower Blade Rake is a durable forestry tool for chopping, raking, and moving underbrush vines. Designed for construction of fire lines during controlled burns and wildfires. FEATURES OF MOWER...
    $23.00 - $65.00
  • Swedish Brush Hook

    The Brush Hook is designed for heavy-duty clearing and shrubbing of tough vines, weeds, undergrowth, and small saplings. FEATURES OF BRUSH HOOK TOOLS Constructed from carbon tool steel 36” curved...
    $22.00 - $75.00
  • Swedish Brush Axe

    The Swedish Brush Axe is a machete-like tool with a short, replaceable blade. Its shorter handle and lighter weight make it faster, easier to control, and safer to use than regular...
    $25.00 - $75.00
  • Pulaski Tool

    The Pulaski Tool combines an axe bit with an adze-shaped grub hoe on a 36” wood handle. The Pulaski is a versatile tool for constructing firebreaks, as it can be...
    $20.00 - $80.00
  • Fire Broom

    For grain and grass fires and direct attack on range fires, the Fire Broom is also effective as a mop-up tool. FEATURES OF FIRE BROOMS Heavy, flat steel bristle in...
    $13.00 - $70.00
  • Shasta & Shastina Tools

    The Cal Fire crew in Shasta County, California helped Cascade Fire Equipment design the Shasta Tool. The combination of a 4 tined rake and a sharp, curved shovel blade make...
    $15.00 - $99.00
  • McCleod Tool

    The McLeod has a large hoe-like blade on one side and a tined blade on the other. The hose blade is effective in cutting through heavy grasses, deep litter and...
    $20.00 - $99.00
  • Rogue Hoe Rake

    The heavy duty Rogue Hoe/Rake combo is an excellent tool for moving dirt for trail building or other purposes. FEATURES OF ROGUE HOE RAKES 5.5" wide head 1-¾" shaped ash...
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