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At Cascade Fire Equipment Company, we manufacture 60% of what we sell. We produce NFPA certified protective clothing using new fire resistant fabrics and manufacture tools and equipment with strong, lightweight materials using precision machines. We are committed to making the highest quality, most dependable products using premium materials and superior craftsmanship.

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  • Drip Torch

    A Drip Torch is an effective tool for wildfire suppression, controlled burning, and other forestry applications to intentionally ignite fires. Our versatile Drip Torch is used for firing semidry fuels...
  • Drip Torch Replacement Parts

    Drip Torch Replacement Parts are manufactured by Cascade Fire Equipment in Medford, Oregon and are interchangeable with most other drip torches.
    $0.60 - $110.00
  • Drip Torch Bracket

    The Drip Torch Bracket is a truck mount bracket holds which Drip Torches in an upright position. 4 holes in the bottom are used for mounting. Rubber coated bracket prevents scratching. Powder...
  • Cascade Hose Tester

    Quickly and safely test large quantities of hose. Hose testing is recommended after extensive use, for acceptance tests, annual maintenance, or after repairs. The Cascade Fire Hose Test Pump is...
  • Cascade Hose Roller

    Easily roll hose into neat and compact rolls! Cascade’s Hose Roller was designed after the popular Western Fire Hose Roller. It is a sturdy, yet lightweight Hose Roller that has been...
    $45.00 - $653.00
  • iZone Hose Hooks

    iZone Hooks allow you to quickly store hose before moving to a new location. Made from aluminum and stainless steel. A pin allows hook to be locked in position when...
  • LDH Turntable

    Cascade’s LDH Turntable is for loading large diameter hose onto fire trucks. Made of lightweight diamondplate, the turntable features a Lazy Susan swivel and slotted handle for carrying. Low profile...
  • Cascade Hose Cutter

    Cascade Fire Equipment’s one of a kind hose cutter is machined to precision and built to fire industry standards. Easy and safe to use, Cascade’s Hose Cutter makes clean, straight...
  • Hose Storage Rack

    Our large-capacity Hose Storage Rack eliminates most of the drudgery of handling hose in the fire house.  The rack is constructed from heavy strength aluminum square tube and the entire...
  • Foam-Flo™ Foam Proportioning System

    The Foam-Flo™ meters wildland (class A) foam concentrate into hose lines in the desired percentages. The Foam-Flo™ can treat up to 100GPM or as low as 5 GPM of water....
    $350.00 - $375.00
  • Foam-Flo™ Nozzles

    Lightweight, high efficiency Foam-Flo™ Nozzles with a unique stream design. Expansion of 10 to 1 when using Class “A” Foam at .05%. The normal reach is 45 feet or greater,...
    $49.00 - $59.00
  • Ball Shutoffs

     Lightweight Ball Shutoffs with large handle provide long life and trouble-free performance and are ideal for nozzles, such as the Ranger, or for hose packs. Made from anodized aluminum with...
    $160.00 - $180.00
  • Ranger Plus Nozzles

      Lightweight Ranger Plus Nozzles are engineered to provide an excellent fog pattern and straight stream. Molded teeth makes the fog pattern very dense without a hollow center. Hard anodized...
    $130.00 - $150.00
  • Single Gallonage Ranger Nozzles

    Single Gallonage Ranger Nozzles are engineered to provide an excellent fog pattern and straight stream. The heavy neoprene bumper provides good protection from physical damage. Molded teeth makes the fog pattern...
    $120.00 - $140.00
  • Straight Stream Tips

    Straight Stream Plain Tips give the furthest possible reach without feathering. Made from hard anodized 6061-T6 aluminum 1” size is 4” long, weighs 6 oz. 1½” is 4¾” long, weighs...
    $69.00 - $78.00
  • Dual Stacked Forestry Tip

        The Dual Stacked Forestry Tip is ideal for initial attack on a wildland fire. Tip is machined with a tapering bore and performs with virtually no friction loss....
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