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At Cascade Fire Equipment we are always on the lookout for emerging technology in firefighting. We partner with companies who are at the forefront of the industry, who are paving a new path for the future, and who will continue to find ways to grow and improve.



With an in-depth understanding of the fire rescue service, AMKUS offers innovative and reliable solutions to practical problems. Their products are ever-evolving to meet the needs of modern firefighters, allowing rescue efforts to be made faster, easier, and safer. 

AMKUS ION has released a new family of battery powered tools, utilizing the DEWALT FLEXVOLT battery platform. It is the only battery that automatically changes voltages when you change tools, so you can share batteries between ION tools and other fire rescue tools like lights, saws, and drills. The AMKUS LINE tools deliver power, balance, and size that still allows access to even the toughest spaces. 



The ION line of rescue tools are lightweight and compact in size, allowing emergency personnel to quickly deploy them and operate in tight quarters. While small in size, these tools pack a powerful punch and are capable of cutting and spreading ultra-high strength and Boron steel.


       ION tool housings are built from solid aluminum and are ready for service in the severe duty demanded by first responders.

       Extrications don't always take place outside the vehicle. Sometimes you have to get inside to move and cut materials and that's when a compact tool really matters. AMKUS tools are between 5-12
       inches shorter than competitor's models, so you can make a rescue effort even in cramped quarters. In addition, these compact but powerful tools leave plenty of compartment space for other
       important items on the apparatus. 


       Cutters and Combi's are equipped with high intensity LED-lit rotating handles. A simple rotation puts the blades and valve into the position you want with minimal effort. 


       ION 2.0 tools utilize the DEWALT FLEXVOLT battery platform. The 60 volt battery operates ION 2.0 tools and will also power both 60 volt and 20 volt DEWALT tools. It is the only battery that
       automatically changes voltages when you change tools, so you can share batteries between ION 2.0 tools and other tools like saws and drills. The powerful brushless motor develops 2 horsepower
       under a heavy load.


       DEWALT is the most trusted name in batteries and power tools. ION tools utilize a complete DEWALT system that includes the battery, motor and intelligent electronics to deliver maximum power and






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