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At Cascade Fire Equipment we are always on the lookout for emerging technology in firefighting. We partner with companies who are at the forefront of the industry, who are paving a new path for the future, and who will continue to find ways to grow and improve.


3M™ Scott™ Fire & Safety is a global leader in respiratory protection and imaging solutions with an unrelenting commitment to firefighter safety and a focus on exposure reduction and fireground accountability.



With the launch of the 
Vision C5 facepiece and E-Z Flo C5 regulator, 3M Scott builds on its long history of introducing innovative products to firefighters with features that matter. Designed using a platform approach, the Vision C5 facepiece incorporates the latest technology to enhance situational intelligence, while providing a customizable solution to meet the changing needs of today’s firefighter.

“Firefighters go into situations that many people cannot imagine. We want to give them every advantage we can, so we work directly with firefighters to understand the challenges they face,” said Andrew P. Johnson, global product marketer for NFPA SCBA. “Together, we were able to translate those challenges into product requirements, resulting in the improved comfort, wider field of vision and enhanced breathability you now get with the Vision C5 facepiece and E-Z Flo C5 regulator.”

Complementary to the new facepiece, the E-Z Flo C5 regulator builds upon the proven design of the E-Z Flo+ with enhancements to key performance areas. Enhanced breathability helps reduce user burden and improve operational efficiencies, while a reduced frequency Vibralert End-of-ServiceTime Indicator (EOSTI) improves two-way radio communications. The heads-up display (HUD) has been recessed into the regulator, with additional icons to provide visual alerts when paired with the Air-Pak X3 Pro SCBA configured with the SEMS II Pro Wireless SCBA Telemetry System. A simple, yet noticeable change is the incorporation of an auto air-saver switch to simplify operation and help prevent inadvertent air loss when the regulator is removed.

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     WIDER FIELD OF VIEW - Helps to improve situational awareness.

     SINGLE REFLEX FACE SEAL - Designed for enhanced comfort and easier donning.

     REMOVABLE HEAD HARNESS - Helps provide a secure fit while minimizing adjustment during donning and is easily removable for cleaning.

     PPE INTERFACE - Face seal provides a wider landing area with ridges to help improve interface with protective hood.

     MODULAR DESIGN - Enables future upgradeability and provides a platform for use across multiple respiratory applications.

     DUAL VOICEMITTERS - Enhanced voice transmission exceeds STI requirements for NFPA 1981.





In 2018 3M Scott Fire & Safety launched a new version of 3M Scott Sight with an optional Pro Package feature set, a next evolution of the industry’s first in-mask thermal imaging solution. Scott Sight now features an automatic shut off function and improved battery life when not in service while the Pro Package option offers advanced features including automatic video recording and hot and cold tracking.

“Scott Sight was designed to be adaptable for ongoing and emerging technologies and firefighter needs,” said Jeff Emery, global business unit leader, SCBA and fire solutions for 3M Scott Fire & Safety. “With this evolution of the technology, the Scott Sight Pro Package takes the industry’s first in-mask thermal intelligence system to a new level of safety and performance.”

Unlike other hand-held thermal imaging cameras, Scott Sight combines a camera with a display in the facepiece to eliminate the need for reaching down and lifting a camera. Firefighters get their hands back for effective communication, victim extraction and carrying tools. Standard features such as stand-by mode, single button power-off, temperature measurement, and adjustable display combine to provide firefighters with improved situational awareness. With the Scott Sight Pro Package, the advantages expand to include features such as hot spot tracker, suited for overhaul conditions, while cold spot tracker aids first responders in hazmat situations, such as pinpointing valve leaks. The Scott Sight Pro Package feature set can be configured through the Scott Sight mobile app which allows users to enable and disable features and customize the screen layout to their preference.

“We’re continually looking for ways to help firefighters be safer and more efficient on the ground,” said John Graves, global portfolio manager for thermal imaging solutions with 3M Scott Fire & Safety. “The latest version of Scott Sight along with Pro Package’s enhanced features offer both safety and convenience, allowing firefighters to focus on the job at hand with confidence that their Scott Sight in-mask thermal imaging solution is doing the rest.”

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     AUTO SYSTEM POWER-OFF – Equipped with an accelerometer to automatically turn off the system while not in use.

     SINGLE-BUTTON POWER-OFF – Power off both the in-mask display (IMD) & thermal imaging camera (TIC) by a single button press.

     IMD INSTANTANEOUS ON – Power the IMD on with a one-second push of the IMD power button.

     STANDBY MODE – Activate standby mode with a single push of the TIC power button.

     ENHANCED BATTERY PERFORMANCE – Improved battery life while the system is not active on the fireground.

     FITS ANY AV-3000 HT FACEPIECE – Buy as a complete kit or upgrade your current AV-3000 HT facepiece.

     SCOTT SIGHT MOBILE CONFIGURATION APPLICATION – (available for download on iOS or Android) Configures IMD to customize brightness, icon layouts, temperature displays and display colors.

     (PRO PACKAGE) HOT-SPOT TRACKER – Identifies the hottest part of the scene and displays its relative temperature. Ideal for overhaul, search and rescue, and risk assessment.

     (PRO PACKAGE) COLD-SPOT TRACKER – Identifies the coldest part of the scene and displays its relative temperature. Cold-spot tracker can also be used in HAZMAT environments.

     (PRO PACKAGE) TACTICAL VIDEO RECORDING (TVR) -Automatically record all the information shown on the IMD for review later.




3M Scott Fire & Safety designed the Air-Pak X3 Pro to keep firefighters safe while providing a higher level of comfort. An enhanced shoulder harness design improves the ease of donning the SCBA, helping to minimize pressure points and reduce user fatigue. A naturally articulating waist pad provides the firefighter a greater range of motion, while transferring weight to the hips for a more balanced load. A proven regulator design offers low breathing resistance to help reduce user burden and improve operational efficiencies. A new lifetime warranty helps to reduce the total cost of ownership of the SCBA, providing peace of mind and reinforcing 3M Scott Fire & Safety’s commitment to the customer.

Offering enhanced electronics with Bluetooth® technology, the Air-Pak X3 Pro supports wireless connectivity for improved firefighter safety and fireground accountability. An electronic PAR feature allows incident command to reliably communicate with firefighters using the Scott Connect Monitor Pro software interface without creating additional radio traffic. Data downloading and configuration changes are seamless using a wireless connection to smartphone devices.

“3M Scott Fire & Safety remains committed to designing product solutions that make the firefighter’s job easier and safer, while also enabling future technology enhancements,” said Jason Cannon, U.S. fire marketing manager for 3M Scott.

Read the full article from 3mscott.com


     NEW HARNESS MATERIALS - Offer greater resistance to chemical exposure and less water absorption to help minimize contamination.


      EASY-TO-REMOVE HARNESS - Allows for cleaning and decontamination to help with exposure reduction.


     NEW SHOULDER HARNESS - Design improves the ease of donning and minimizes pressure points to help reduce user fatigue.

     NATURAL ARTICULATION (I.E. WAIST PAD) - Promotes greater range of motion to the user, while transferring weight to the hips for a more balanced load.


      PROVEN REGULATOR DESIGN - Offers low breathing resistance to help reduce user burden and improve operational efficiencies.


      REDUNDANT SAFETY FEATURES - Afford firefighters peace of mind knowing that the SCBA will perform in the toughest environments.


      3M™ SCOTCHLITE™ REFLECTIVE MATERIAL - Delivers enhanced visibility of the SCBA when operating in low light conditions, improving safety and accountability on the fireground.


      BLUETOOTH® ENABLED ELECTRONICS - Support wireless connectivity between devices for improved configurability, data transmission/retrieval, firefighter safety and fireground accountability.


      ELECTRONIC PAR (ePAR) - Provides wireless, bi-directional communication between the firefighter and incident command (using Monitor Pro telemetry software) to help improve fireground
       accountability and communications.


      SYSTEM INTEGRITY ALARM - Provides visual and audible alerts to notify SCBA wearer and incident command (using Monitor Pro telemetry software) of impending electronics degradation due to
        elevated temperature.


      INTEGRATED RFID TAGS - Provide local storage of SCBA information that can be wirelessly interrogated for asset tracking.


      PROUDLY “MADE IN THE USA” - With attention to quality and workmanship.





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