Top Mount Slip-On Units

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Part Number: 24156, 24157, 24158, 24159, 24160, 24163

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Top-Mount Slip-Ons incorporate all components on the top of the tank, taking up less space in the bed and leaving room for other cargo.

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Top Mount Slip-On Units

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Top-Mount Slip-Ons incorporate all components on the top of the tank, taking up less space in the bed and leaving room for other cargo. Top-Mounts are ideal for standard pickup beds and low-profile utility boxes with the option of extending components to the edge of the boxes. The Control Panel can either be on the driver’s side or at the rear. Detailed specifications are available upon request. Numerous options are also available., as shown in the table at right.

Standard Features:

HANNAY ELECTRIC REWIND HOSE REEL - Painted steel booster reel with independent ball shut-off.Comes with 200’ of ¾” ID hose in 100’ lengths, coupled with reusable couplings,and a combination fog/straight stream shut-off nozzle.

DIAMOND PLATE - Surface is covered with .125 aluminum diamond plate. All edgesare turned 1” welded and finished. End-mount platforms are also covered with edges turned 3” welded and finished.

ALUMINUM FRAME - A 2” square tubular frame supports the tank and platform.Constructed to fully support the tank, the areas between the interior framing never exceeds 540 square inches.Support between the frame and tank is cushioned by 60 durometer rubber, ¼” thick by 2” wide. Includes flanges for mounting on your truck bed.

18hp CENTRIFUGAL PUMP - Powered by an 18hp Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engine, with amanual recoil and a 12-volt electric starter. Rated 110 GPM at 100 PSI, 80GPM at 200 PSI and 23 GPM at 300PSI.

POLYPROPYLENE TANK - Made from½” noncorrosive stress relieved thermoplastic, natural black incolor and U.V. stabilized for maximum protection. Fully baffled, equipped with vent and air holes and a 2” suction sump. All joints and seams are extrusion double welded and tested for maximum strength and integrity. Combination vent and manual filltower and a vertical translucent panel sight gauge.

STAINLESS STEEL CONTROL PANEL - Consolidates the pump and engine controls at the operators’ position. Includes a panel light, hour meter, ignition switch, starter and stop switches, liquid-filled pressure gauge, throttle, choke, primer control and automatic low pressure shutdown switch. The wiring is protected by a circuit breaker and therear of the panel is protected by a water-resistant cover.


  • Fire service grade slip-out style valves bolted to stainless steel flange
  • Recirculation line for the pump, with a ball valve to reduce the dangerof overheating
  • Overboard suction port & auxiliary valved discharge with chromecap & chain
  • Valved tank-to-pump suction line & valved tank refill (pump-to-tank)
  • Removable foot valves and anti-cavitation suction strainer intank (on Top Mounts)
  • Distinct labels on all valves
  • 304 seamless stainless steel–welded, sanded and shot-blasted to asmooth finish
  • Steel-braided hydraulic hose with reusable end couplings, providingvibration control to tank, reel and stainless steel plumbing



  • All stainless steel fasteners and brackets
  • Electric primer
  • Camozzi fittings
  • Componets secured to tank top and platform withstainless steel bolts threaded into brass inserts
  • 1” polypropylene pumper board Non-slit corrugated loom covering all water and foamauxiliary lines
  • Winterization system & complete installation kit &instruction manual


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SKU 24156, 24157, 24158, 24159, 24160, 24163