About Cascade Fire Equipment

Cascade Fire Equipment has been responding to the needs of firefighters for over 30 years.


Cascade Fire Equipment opened its doors in 1985. After retiring from Western Fire Equipment in San Francisco, and moving to Medford, Oregon, Dan Lloyd, and his wife, Laura, started the business in their garage as “something to keep them busy” in their retirement. The company grew, family joined the business, and eventually we moved into a warehouse, then another, and still another, and finally two warehouses, where we are today, employing 50 people, manufacturing 60% of the products we sell, and doing business worldwide. Dan’s sons and grandsons now manage Cascade Fire Equipment and strive to live up to Dan’s outstanding example of hard work, leadership and integrity. 


In the 30 years since Cascade Fire Equipment has been in business, the goal of the owners and employees has always been to be the best, whether it’s delivering quality products, providing customer service, or responding to the needs of firefighters with new, innovative products.

Much has changed in the world of firefighting in recent decades, including climate conditions, fire policies, and the wildland-urban interface. Technology has changed, too, giving fire personnel new and improved tools to help them make better informed decisions and enhance safety on the fireline. The gear and protective clothing worn by firefighters, and the tools used to fight fires have changed over the years as well.

Cascade Fire Equipment has stayed on the edge of new and changing demands for the personal protection of firefighters and for improved equipment and tools by designing and manufacturing its own line of NFPA approved protective clothing as well as tools and equipment vital to fighting fires. Cascade Fire also manufactures slip-on firefighting units that are the industry standard for quality and performance, delivering custom built units that are versatile and dependable.

Our customers include small, rural volunteer fire departments, big city fire departments, state natural resource agencies, and the US Government. Our promise is to continue to meet the challenge of new demands and technology in the firefighting industry with quality, dependable products and customer support.