Standard Slip-On Unit


  • Meets wildland firefighting volumes and pressures
  • High pressure, light weight
  • Powered by 18 HP Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engine
  • Pumps up to 120 GPM and 300 PSI

Standard Pump


  • 1/2" non-corrosive stress relieved polypropylene
  • U.V. stabilized
  • Fully baffled
  • 2" suction sump
  • Vent and manual fill tower
  • Vertical translucent sight gauge
Standard Tank


  • Stainless Steel
  • Wiring protected by a circuit breaker
  • Rear of panel protected by a water-resistant cover
  • Panel light, hour meter, primer, auto shut-off, engine starter switch, pressure gauge, choke, & throttle
Control Panel


  • Hannay painted steel booster reel
  • Electric rewind
  • Independent ball shut-off
  • Comes with 200 feet of 3/4 inch ID coupled hose in 100 foot lengths
  • Combination fog/straight stream shut-off nozzle
Hose Reel
Standard Slip-on Unit

End Mount Slip-on Unit with standard pump, tank,
and reel, 
and optional Foam-Flo foam proportioner.


  • 2” square aluminum tubular frame fully supports tank and platform
  • Surface covered with .125 aluminum diamond plate. All edges are turned, welded and finished
  • Fire service grade slip-out style valves bolted to stainless steel flange
  • Recirculation line for the pump, with a ball valve to reduce the danger of overheating
  • Overboard suction port & auxiliary valved discharge with chrome cap & chain
  • Valved tank-to-pump suction line and valved tank refill (pump-to-tank)
  • Removable foot valves and anti-cavitation suction strainer in tank (on Top Mounts)
  • Full-Flo stainless steel plumbing: 304 seamless stainless steel–welded, sanded and shot-blasted to a smooth finish
  • High pressure hose with reusable expansion ring couplings, providing vibration control to tank, reel and stainless steel plumbing
  • Components secured to tank top and platform with stainless steel bolts
  • Non-slit corrugated loom covering all water and foam auxiliary lines
  • Winterization system & complete installation kit & instruction manual
  • Camozzi fittings and all stainless steel fasteners and brackets
  • 3/4” polypropylene pumper board
  • Electric primer
  • Distinct labels on all valves


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